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ASEAN Anthem

Guidelines on the Use of the ASEAN Anthem

1. The ASEAN Anthem is an expression of ASEAN unity. It also strengthens the sense of ASEAN identity and belonging among the peoples of the region.

2. The ASEAN Anthem is titled “THE ASEAN WAY”, with musical composition and lyrics as attached.

3. The ASEAN Anthem is under the copyright of ASEAN with the ASEAN Secretariat as the main body to oversee its proper use.

A. Dignity of the ASEAN Anthem

4. The ASEAN Anthem shall be used in a proper and dignified manner. When the Anthem is played, the audience shall rise.

5. The Anthem shall not be used in whole or in parts for commercial purposes or political propaganda.

B. Use of the ASEAN Anthem

6. The use of the ASEAN Anthem is encouraged at ASEAN formal meetings and related activities, including those with ASEAN Dialogue Partners.

7. The ASEAN Anthem may be played to commemorate special occasions of ASEAN, such as the anniversary of ASEAN, or in efforts to promote the interests of ASEAN.

8. ASEAN Member States are encouraged to translate the ASEAN Anthem into local languages as a way to promote the Anthem and increase ASEAN awareness within their countries.

C. Inquiries on the Use of the ASEAN Anthem

9. Inquiries concerning the ASEAN Anthem should be addressed to:
Public Outreach and Civil Society Division
The ASEAN Secretariat
70 A, Jl. Sisingamangaraja
Jakarta 12110

D. Approval of and Amendments to the Guidelines

10. The Guidelines shall be approved by the ASEAN Coordinating Council (ACC).

11. Any Member State may propose amendments to the Guidelines, which shall be submitted to the Committee of Permanent Representatives (CPR) for its consideration and agreed upon by consensus. The agreed amendments shall be submitted to the ASEAN Coordinating Council (ACC) for notation, and thereafter come into immediate effect.